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GCH Lindenwood's Victor
By McKies GR1 X GCH CBears Peanut
First homebred buck and foundation stock of Lindenwood's

GCH Lindenwoods Cash. He is very typey with a beautiful head. Cash is now residing with Marcia Hinkleman. Cash finished his championship by going BOSB at ARBA Nationals 2003 in Wichita .. Nice finish and win for Marcia. White Oaks Tonka X Lindenwoods Patience.

This Smoke Pearl is GCH. Lindenwoods Smokey Joe. Has a beautiful coat and head. Smokey Joe finished very quickly in open. Has been shown very limited. He is out of Meyers Stanley X Lindenwoods Jubilee.

This lovely buck is Lindenwoods Storm Cloud . He has 2 legs. GCH. Lindenwoods Victor x L.Smith's Cassy.

This beautiful REW is Lindenwoods Applause. She has been shown very limited. Lindenwoods Steppin BY X Lindenwoods Cara.

This is a very typey smoke pearl doe with a wonderful temperament. Purchased from Glenda West. GCH Wildwoods Hannah. Gegenfurtners Sam x Lindenwoods Shanana.

GCH Lindenwoods Victoria
By McKies GR1 X CH CBears Peanut. My first homebred champion and the foundation stock of Lindenwoods.

Lindenwoods Melissa. This lovely little blue has one Jr. leg. Was 2nd place at the NJWRC in youth this spring. GCH. L.SMiths Playboy X Lindenwoods Whisper.

This little doe is Lindenwoods Miranda. Her dad is GCH Wildwoods G1 x Lindenwoods Electra.

This lovely Chestnut Agouti doe is Lindenwoods Riviera. She is out of Lindenwoods ZZ top x White Oaks China Doll

        My Jersey Wooly start all came from a little doe named C-Bears Peanut from Keith Spencer many years ago. I bred her back to her Grandfather McKies GR1 owned by Debbie Harding. From there came GCH.Lindenwoods Victor and GCH Lindenwoods Victoria. These two little REWS were the main start to my Jersey Woolies. The two of them won and won and won. Many champions have since been born in this barn. I have of late brought in rabbits from Marcia Hinkelman, Denise Geick and Glenda West. Such great girls to be associated with. Unfortunately due to my illness I have not been able to pursue my breeding plans. My granddaughter Megan Vert also showed Jersey Woolies for many years and did very well on the table.

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Linden Mi.