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     We are located in Linden Michigan. Just south of Flint and north of Detroit. This has been a bedroom community for many years, but is growing now with leaps and bounds.

      This web site was originally set up for our rabbits. The site has turned into a place for family and friends to stroll through my life with ALS.

      My daughter, Kris Vert and my Granddaughter Megan Vert and myself, Sherry Ketzbeau, raised rabbits for over 10 years. We started out in Angoras. I have had many home bred champions with BIS winners. The Angoras got to be a little much, so we switched to jersey Woolies . We had many champions born in our barn and descendants from my stock still producing champions and winning. We added Netherland Dwarfs to the barn after that.


The Barn

     I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or better known as Lou Gehrigs disease in July 2002. I had started showing symptoms in 1999, but it took them that long for the actual diagnosis. We have stopped showing and breeding due the progression of my disease in 2004 . Please read my story on my ALS page.

     Look through our pages and enjoy the site. You will also see that we raise peafowl.

     We have many different colors and varieties of peafowl. These are beautiful majestic animals that are a joy to watch.

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